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Haïti, 2007
52 min
Was Aristide’s fall from the presidency the result of a US orchestrated complot? A sharp investigation, including interviews of Laennec Hurbon & Noam Chomsky.
What really happened at the Presidential palace in Port-au-Prince on the 29th of February 2004? Some say Aristide stepped down and left the country voluntarily, others that he was forced and that the US had a hand in the dramatic unfolding of events. This filmic search for the truth connects Haiti’s financial circles with rebels, Aristide’s party Lavalas, Washington, Paris and Aristide himself (who features in the film together with personalities like former US diplomat Roger Noriega and Noam Chomsky).

American filmmaker Nicolas Rossier has made a film that tells of Haiti’s turbulent political history, and offers viewers a better understanding and insight into today’s Haiti.