By :
Dramane CISSE, Antoinette DELAFIN
With :
Alpha Blondy
Ivory Coast, 2010
90 min
The first documentary on the life of Alpha Blondy « the voice of those without voices ».Musical summary on the 30 years of career of one of the biggest African stars ever.
The songs of ALPHA BLONDY have been around for thirty years. The first documentary dedicated to this musical giant mixes biography facts and his political & spiritual views. From Kingston to Jerusalem, his universal message carried through reggae music touches those dreaming of a world of justice. He also expresses the concerns of an African continent in full transformation.

In his country of Ivory Coast, ALPHA BLONDY is considered to be the voice of those without voices, a symbol of hope. He is also considered by others to be the king’s fool. Through his famous songs that marked our time, he relives personal events that turned him into a star. He is a living legend that belongs to the contemporary history of Africa.