By :
Augustin Batita TALAKEANA
Togo, 2008
52 min
Two months was the time it took to dismantle Togo’s constitution and with it, the rights of the Togolese people after the death of President Eyadema in 2005.
As a consequence of President Eyadema’s death in 2005 a serious political and social crisis broke out in Togo. In the efforts to replace the late President the constitution of the country was tampered with and the impact on the country was disastrous. No one; neither the government, the army, nor the opposition, can claim innocence to having lead Togo into a dangerous and destructive path.

With An Autopsy of a Succession, Togolese director Augustin Talakeana and narrator Luc Abaki put the spotlight on the unfortunate development of their native Togo and on the human rights violations that are taking place there in the hope that it might contribute to prevent something similar from ever happening again.