By :
Mali, 2007
52 min
Youth is not wasted on the young in Korofina, where the hip hop crowd of rappers and break-dancers hang out together with designers and other movers and shakers.
The young and vibrant underground crowd of Korofina, a neighbourhood in Bamako, is made up of rappers, hairdressers, designers, street vendors and others who are prepared to do and sell just about anything for a living. Every one is a hustler and everybody is creative. Sanogo portrays urban Malian kids who, though they spend their lives smoking, dancing, and making rap music from morning to evening, are anything but wasted.

Kassim Sanogo’s first film is part of the AFRICADOC collection “Lumières d’Afrique” and captures a pulsating and avant-garde neighbourhood where underground has become mainstream and creative and innovative kids are looking out for themselves while creating and exploring new ways of being Malian, and expressing it in imaginative ways.