By :
Jean-Marie TENO
Cameroon, 2002
45 min
Who benefits from polygamy ? A film about gender inequality in traditional Cameroonian society
Chronic of a rather particular afternoon during which the lives of three people changes dramatically. Alex, the husband, goes to his in-laws' to bring home his second wife.
Elise, Alex’s childhood sweetheart and first wife, accompanies him—as she must, according to tradition. And Josephine, the young bride, leaves her parents to begin a new life...

From the preparations to the minister’s blessing, the wedding party to the awkward end of the festivities, the director films a polygamous marriage ceremony.

" I was concerned about respecting people’s choices and didn’t want to be accusatory. I positioned myself as an observer, capturing the reality of the event—the official speeches and traditional rituals, as well as the unspoken pain that was palpable throughout the evening. The film presents a ceremony ostensibly in celebration of love, but during which ‘duty’ and ‘submission’ were the preferred words."
Jean Marie Teno

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