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United States, 2009
40 min
This raw documentary follows the lives of Charles Jean Pierre and Johnnie in Washington, as they make their way in this world as artists, trying to remain true and honest to themselves.
“In Washington DC, there is a wonderful network of artists that not everyone may know about. These artists work together by collaborating in shows, producing live paintings and participating in exhibits together. Wherever there is high energy and good vibes, they are there.

This collective of artists is known as the Cultural District. The two main ingredients of the Cultural District are Charles Jean Pierre and Johnny “Monk” Bess.

The documentary Brothes N arms explores the relationship of these two young men who are business partners and artists. Though best friends, these two can be perceived as complete opposites: Charles, with his business savvy swag, and Monk, with his extremely chill and laid-back demeanor. But they have one common goal: achieving undeniable happiness.

This documentary displays what it’s like for artists who are constantly working, building and maintaining relationships, giving back to their community, and while at the same time enjoying life. “ Najma Nuridin