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South Africa, 2012
72 min
Every destination has its extremes: Dangerous or Glamorous… Upmarket or Down-to-Earth… How do YOU like it? A Cult South African 13 part Travel Documentary Series.
​Episode 8. The Drakensberg Boys Choir: Music, Mountains and Memories
The spectacular mountains of South Africa’s interior serve as a backdrop for this Alma-Mater retrospective in which the Rough/Smooth tables are turned! The Drakensberg Boys Choir School is where Terence spent his younger, thinner, fitter years. He takes (a rather impressed) Paul on his favourite scenic routes and horse riding trails. Duly gobsmacked by his only blonde for the season, Paul enjoys a romantic horse ride with the gorgeous Leigh-Anne, while Terence cooks lunch with the hostel matron. On the menu; sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and oriental veggies. For 200 hungry boys!
Paul, having spent his entire life in boarding schools, isn’t overly impressed with the hostel grub and in a complete role reversal takes Terence to the Drakensberg Sun for a dinner of springbuck beef Wellington and spicy chicken with crispy noodles and onion preserve.
The next day, after another harrowing choir practice our hosts perform “Weeping”, in full uniform, backed by the choir at the weekly Wednesday Concert.

Episode 9. Swartkop Odyssey, Desert Oddity
Having leapt from a plane in a spectacular skydive into the desert town of Swakopmund (on the central west coast of Namibia), with its distinctly German character, we discover Terence at the luxurious Hansa Hotel and Paul at his usual backpackers. Armed with a rather dubious set of German phrases given to him by Paul, Terence finds his blonde of choice to be a pastry chef who specialises in strudel. Terence can’t resist and is treated to a step-by-step master class in making this delicate desert. Having perfected his pastry, a proud Terence serves Paul his first attempt at ‘Apfelsrudel’ before hauling him through a tour of the town’s German influenced architecture.
Paul decides it’s time to take Terence on a tour of the Namib Desert; 1000-year-old Welwitchia plants, lichen fields and the biggest sand dunes in the world as experienced in an awesome monster Land Rover! As if Paul’s driving wasn’t enough, Terence is subjected to hunting for sidewinder snakes in the sand! Fortunately there’s the local ‘Brauhaus’ to quench their thirst and steady their nerves. Unfortunately, Terence’s use of the German language seems to be upsetting the locals….

Episode 10. Doing the Dusi
The Kingdom of the Zulu, (on the east coast of South Africa) annually hosts one of the toughest canoe races in the world, the Dusi. Paul paddles, cries and (probably) vomits his way along the course of the three-day marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, while Terence lends a hand in support. Unfortunately, most of the time that hand is holding a gin and tonic! While Paul camps in the muggy valley, Terence lavishes in old world luxury at the historic Audacia Manor.
78 Miles of paddling leaves Paul very hungry, but the great thing about finishing in Durban is that this city is home to South Africa’s best curries. And he knows just the place. Mrs Govender’s ground beef kebab roti is the perfect example of this city’s signature dish. The flavours of India distilled in Africa!
As an apology for missing three water points due to blond distraction, Terence treats Paul to a pedicure and a 5 star dinner on the balcony of Audacia. Considering that Paul’s tired muscles could do with some repair work, Terence and the chef have whipped up an omega fatty acid laden Norwegian salmon in a chardonnay reduction with flambéed rosa tomatoes and crisp baby vegetables. Just what the doctor ordered!
Our hosts wrap up the episode from the top of the wishbone that stretches over the Moses Mabida Stadium (as built for the 2010 Football World Cup), with the spectacular view over the Valley of a Thousand Hills.