By :
Lars Schwinges
With :
Coral Von Reefenhausen
South Africa, 2003
96 min
A cheeky adult variety show, hosted by the Baroness, that takes a irreverent and risqué look at sex, love and celebritydom in South Africa.
​Episode 1: Life's a Beach.
In this, the first episode of Below the Belt, we meet the Baroness and her bodyguard, Gino. Together, they take a tour of Cape Town's most famous beaches, investigating contemporary 'adult beach culture' in all its fleshy glory. The Baroness meets two strapping lifeguards and chats to sunbathers who have no compunction about baring it all for a tan - or more. Join Below the Belt as we cruise the beaches for babes, hunks and nudists. The episode is capped by a memorable interview with celebrity Jeremy Mansfield, in which he demonstrates his ballet skills and talks about the state of his sex life now that he's a married man.

Episode 2: Porn Paradise
The Baroness explores the steamy world of the porn industry. She bursts in on an adult film audition and chats to Ira, an international female porn film director and star. She then visits the set of an x-rated photo shoot, pausing to probe both the model and photographer on their choice of profession. The episode concludes with a naughty interview with Radio DJ and celebrity Gareth Cliff, in which he duets with the Baroness, (demonstrating a fine singing voice), and admits to the real size of his manhood.

Episode 3: Only the lonely 
Finding a mate in today’s turbulent world has becoming increasingly complicated. In Below the Belt, the Baroness explores the singles scene by attending an intriguing and very unusual courting event – Velocity Dating. Together with her bodyguard Gino, she embarks on this high speed, multi-partner dating experience that is taking the world by storm, and questions if this reflects a search for true love or simply for salacious sex. The Baroness concludes the episode with an intimate chat with television and radio celebrity Zuraida Jardine, in which leather is a hot topic.
This programme contains explicit language, and is strictly for adults only.

Episode 4: Shopping.
The modern Adult Store is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of carnal treasures. In this episode of Below the Belt, the Baroness puts aside her own reservations and goes shopping for toys of the adult variety. She samples the multitude of mind-bending wares on offer and chats to staff and shoppers alike. She discovers the importance of the colour of a dildo and even spends a few moments in a porn film cubicle - rented by the hour. It all comes to a head in a revealing late-night tête-à-tête with Colin Moss, South Africa’s Sexiest Man, in which he discusses the effect of the title on his sex life.

This programme contains explicit nudity and language, and is strictly for adults only.