By :
Lars Schwinges
With :
Coral Von Reefenhausen
South Africa, 2003
72 min
A cheeky adult variety show, hosted by the Baroness, that takes a irreverent and risqué look at sex, love and celebritydom in South Africa.
​Episode 5: Black Magic
The Baroness, a visitor to our shores, decides to probe the myth of the sexually virile black man. She consults with a Sangoma in Langa Township on how she can attract the men of Africa, and jets to Jo'burg to mingle with the city's new elite at the superclub, Kilimanjaro. Her investigation concludes with a raunchy chat with R&B star TK, who reveals her preferences when it comes to oral sex and answers that much asked question, are black men bigger?

Episode 6 : Love for Sale.
With her bodyguard, Gino, in tow, the Baroness goes on the hunt for a man for sale in Cape Town, leading her to an escort agency in which she chats to a female escort. Finally, the Baroness comes across a male massage parlour where she meets the manager and gets to choose her favourite favourite from a line-up of strapping young men. To her surprise, they are eager to offer her more than a simple massage. It all comes to a close with a revealing interview with supermodel Christina Storm, in which she reveals just how small (or not) her boyfriend, James Small, really is.

Episode 7: Tit-till-late.
The Baroness proves that women do indeed appreciate a masculine naked butt and the occasional throbbing bicep, when she joins a troupe of male strippers as they spend a night entertaining crowds of eager women. She joins the boys backstage to catch all the rarely seen action, making sure to ask all kinds of revealing questions. The climax of the show occurs when the Baroness becomes the focus of an impromptu lap dance from a strapping young hunk. The episode concludes with an intimate chat with Radio DJ and Television presenter, Mark Pilgrim, where she discovers if his famous smooth head extends to the rest of his body.