By :
Lars Schwinges
With :
Coral Von Reefenhausen
South Africa, 2003
72 min
A cheeky adult variety show, hosted by the Baroness, that takes a irreverent and risqué look at sex, love and celebritydom in South Africa.
​Episode 11: Hot and Sweaty.
The Baroness takes the plunge by visiting a men’s only steambath and spends the evening surrounded by men wearing very little indeed. This recreational gay sex venue is a hot and steamy labyrinth of Jacuzzis, saunas and cubicles, which leaves the Baroness feeling rather breathless (and all steamed up).
Afterwards she meets up with TV soap star Emmanuel Castis, who plays one of the first gay characters on South African television. The Baroness gives him a ride in her limo as he shares his thoughts on sexual preference and what he would, and wouldn’t, do for a role.

Episode 12: Love Guru.
In this episode of Below the Belt, the Baroness meets with a real-life love guru and picks up tips to increase sexual pleasure and sensuality. She attends one of his hands-on workshops, and discovers the secret to a forty-minute orgasm! After this enlightening experience, the Baroness then interviews actor and television presenter Ashley Dowds. One of her old flames, he provides insight into the adventures of a television celebrity.

Episode 13: The Dark Side
In this steamy and very scandalous final episode of Below the Belt, the Baroness walks the line between pleasure and pain by visiting a private S&M dungeon. Dressed for the part in her designer leathers, she investigates the variety of equipment used for this type of adult fun, and even considers giving it a try.
The Baroness then goes to a nude and leather bar to see exactly what happens on the inside. The final stop sees the Baroness interviewing singing sensation Danny K on her private jet. They have an intimate chat about his fantasies and the pros and cons of the 'mile high club'.