By :
Lars Schwinges
With :
Coral Von Reefenhausen
South Africa, 2003
52 min
Take a walk on the wild side…in sexy Cape Town
​Over the years, television screens have been flooded with tired travel shows - exploring the same tourist destinations, the same museums and the same ‘safe’ landmarks. Isn’t it about time that travel-television offered us something a little different?
Hosted by the “world famous” Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, Below the Belt takes an irreverent, informative and risqué look at adult tourism in hotspots around the world.
Having produced a 13 x 24 min highly popular South African TV series, The Baroness, also packaged a one-part 52 min special of her Cape Town "Below The Belt Experience". In it she tackles subjects including steam baths, gay nightlife, recreational sex, prostitution and other topics of interest ‘hidden’in the tourist underworlds and nightlife of glamorous Cape Town. Its part travelogue and part expose.

Touring in her limo from nudist beaches to pick-up joints, she’ll chat to ordinary people she encounters, both those in search of a good time and those that provide them with these services. She’ll ask probing questions about lives and experiences, enticing her subjects to share their deepest secrets. In turn they’ll guide her through the sexy and decadent worlds on offer. The show is strictly ‘adults only’. The Baroness became one of South Africa’s top celebrities, appearing on radio and television talk shows as well as launching a premier chain of Virgin Active gyms with Sir Richard Branson. 
Through humor, no taboo is sacred, no thought unspoken and no dark (or fabulous) corner left unexplored as this adult show takes travel television to new and irreverent heights. Below the Belt will introduce the world to a new icon - the daring, the charming and‘oh so bitchy’ Baroness – taking us on a wild and memorable television journey across the world’s most popular hotspots.