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Morocco, 2000
85 min
After twenty years in prison Ali is released into a world that he knows nothing about, and everything he ever believed in has changed. The cult-movie of a generation.
Ali was a Moroccan youth leader in Casablanca during the end of the seventies. Inspired by the international hippie movement, he believed in total freedom as in free love, free thoughts, political freedom, and the freedom to dream. 

Sold out by somebody, Ali was sentenced to twenty years in prison for a crime, which in reality was more of an accident with a fatal outcome. He comes out, two decades later, to a new and cold world where his old friends have gone into business, a life of drugs or fanaticism.

Ahmed Boulane’s film and Nabil Ayouch’s Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets (also available at were both award-winning wonders at Fespaco 2001 in Ouagadougou and both films continued to attract huge audiences back home in Morocco afterwards.