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Morocco, 2007
85 min
A true story based cult film about Moroccan heavy metal loving youth imprisoned for Satanism when all they are guilty of is loving music.
Young Moroccan heavy metal-fans are a group targeted by the police and the legal system, guilty only of loving music. Rock is big in Morocco, but not everyone approves, and one day fourteen heavy metal-loving youngsters are arrested accused of being Satanists and for disrespecting Islam. 

The trial turns into a Kafkaesque hell for the accused, where objects like CDs, a plastic cranium and a T-shirt with the text KISS MY ASS become incriminating evidence in the hands of the state.

Based on a true story that shocked Moroccans in 2003, Ahmed Boulane’s 2007 film was not an easy one to make as he was prevented to film the legal proceedings.

Satan’s Angels nevertheless became a hit, which still travels the world and which has become more relevant than ever following the Arab Spring revolts.