By :
Clémentine PAPOUET
With :
Ivory Coast, 2008
90 min
A happy couple’s life turns into a nightmare when the pregnant wife discovers that she is HIV-positive in Cléclé’s – star of MY FAMILY - debut film.
When Amah Sahoua is pregnant for the third time she discovers that she is HIV-positive. Terrified to death that her husband will disown and abandon her, she keeps her terrible discovery secret to everyone except for her best friend Clémentine. After a period of abstinence against her husbands will, he finally finds out the truth, and his reaction – and that of his family - is worse than the vulnerable Amah could ever have imagined.

The popular actress from MY FAMILY, Clémentine “Cléclé” Papouet’s first film is a emotional drama that is sure to leave no one unaffected, and that hopefully will be followed by many more.