An exclusive selection of the best shorts from Mauritius, the best hidden secret in Africa.. An island of modernity and diversity. Part 2.
At a crossroad between different worlds, Mauritius was populated by successive waves of migration from Africa, Asia and Europe. Of course, this melting pot does not go without a bundle of thundering misunderstandings and astounding reinventions of togetherness. Since our differences are our greatest resource, So different! offers a journey toward new encounters. 

Living Picture (Katty Laguette)
Emotion through colors

Baraz (Gaston Valayden)
Two neighbours decide to use the fence between their fouses to show their different political and religious belongings. But a hurricane brings them together.

Ruz (Gopalen Parthiben Chellapermal)
A family of different cultural and religious backgrounds gather for a lunch. When the young Shaad shows up all painted in red, he brings about discussions about the reality of living in a melting pot.

The ring (Mikhaël Botebol)
Jean Works on the assembly line of a factory. Old and tired as his machine, after more than thirthy years of hard work, he is downtrodden by Fred, the production manager, who takes advantage of his power to abuse Lise. But the young maid and the old worker do not intend to be messed around endlessly.

Rasta ... (Stéphane Rock)
A young rasta, divorced, has to find a job, otherwise he will not be able to see his daughter. He goes to a job interview.