Exclusive! Far away from the clichés of a postcard, Colours of Mauritius offers an immersion at the heart of a complex and fascinating multicultural country. Part I
Second volume of Mauritius FilmBox, with stunning shorts from a surprising and mixed island. From the market of port Louis, the capital city, to the village of Black River, there is a whole world that comes to life before our eyes.

Wall street Legim (Joëlle Ducray, Charlotte Nina, Jawid Kadir)
Discovering the vegetables market in Port Louis, which supplies the whole island.

Perfect Day (Jérôme Valin)
A dirty homeless woman, stinking and dripping with sweat, is trying to find something to eat but only faces disguted looks or insults. During her exploration, she finds a baby screaming in hunger and fury in a dustbin.

Gangway (Gopalen Parthiben Chellapermal)
Through a photograph, the son of a docker tells us about his father’s job and the activities of the harbour, just before the introduction of bulk goods.

L’esprit voyageur (Katty Laguette)
In front of a white canvas, the character’s head is empty. Suddenly, he feels the urge to escape. His spirit starts travelling in a glint! Colors become alive in a brushstoke. A colorfull universe expands. And the magic of colors disrupts the white canvas.
The encounter (Jon Rabaud)
Dim, an introverted teenager, runs away from school with and under the influence of his friend Alex who hopes that he will leave all his torments behind him. But sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

For technical reasons, two of the titles don't yet include English subtitles. Please apologize for this.