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Mauritius, 2013
52 min
Exclusive! Far away from the clichés of a postcard, Colours of Mauritius offers an immersion at the heart of a complex and fascinating multicultural country. Part 2.
Second volume of  Mauritius FilmBox, with stunning shorts from a surprising and mixed island. From the market of port Louis, the capital city, to the village of Black River, there is a whole world that comes to life before our eyes.

Kaso (Ritvik Neerbun) 
In a Mauritian Prison, in the early seventies, a man sentenced to death is waiting for his sentence. One morning, the prison  officer comes to announce his execution the next morning at dawn. Kalot gets lost in his memories …

Colas (David Constantin)
Colas is a Mauritian fisherman. But his true passion is to read his dictionary – to the great displeasure of his wife, Elise, who complains abour her husband’s laziness. One day  Colas finds out that Elise has pulled out the pages of his dictionary in order to wrap the doughnuts she sells. He is ready for anything in order to find another dictionary to read.

Glissé tombé (Joëlle Ducray)
Sheila works at the textile factory outside the village where she lives with her thirteen – year – old daughter Leyna. Whilst Leyna is in the throes of early adolescence ande sees her body change, Sheila needs to decide what to do with a new pregnancy sa she struggles to offer her daughter a chance of having a better life than hers.

Johni (Axelle Tennant)
Indian Ocean. Mauritius. Black rivers. La prenneuse  road. Titonne’s shop. An advertising is displayer on the metal sheet wall : « international casting we  are looking for a handsomme young man ». Thierry immediately feels compelles. And he is not the only one who thinks that he is the right guy, the wole neighbourood a fever excitement. 

Shanti (Sarah Hoarau)
This is the story of a 45 year old woman who could not fulfil her dream of becoming a singer, and now works as a hairdresser. Her only comfort is her daughter Nina, who is odious to her mother. Her friend Emma starts telling Nina about her mother’s life.