Emmanuel is a hit man with a heart and a sense of justice. When his ethics clash with his duties and he refuses to kill a target, his life takes an unexpected turn. Nollywood action with an indie touch.
Who says that a hit man is a man without principles? Emmanuel is a skilful professional killer and a righteous man, who only kills the bad guys. True to his principles he saves the young Samuel’s life and start teaching him the trade that he knows so well. Tasked with killing a politician he learns that not only is his target a good man, he is also close to Emmanuel’s newfound protégé. 
With several feature film titles to his name, among them “Thugz”, “Repentance” and “Dangerous Country” GuGu E. Michaels is an action producer and director who aims to make films that can compete on an international market.  This previous record company president is also the co-founder of the production company New Era Pictures. The Nigerian Censors Board postponed the premiere of this controversial film.