By :
Hyacynthe NDONGO
Cameroon, 2009
13 min
All means are good to help others. The way to do it can be misunderstood by others but the targeted person always manages to decode the message.

Smile of hope

Damon has no father, his mother failed to take comfort in the death of her husband. Damon does not want to see her mother sad and uses all strategies to find her a husband... In the park he meets Roland, he befriends with him in order to present him to her mom.

The prayer

Here is a very special prayer. Around the dining table, in the middle of "civilized people" a man is invited to share a meal. Lost in this unusual setting, he gets help from another guest who remarked that he was embarrassed. And so the man said a prayer in his native language which is nothing other than a message in which he tells him how to eat with the placemat....