By :
Marlène RABAUD, Arnaud ZAJTMAN
Congo (Democratic Republic), 2010
59 min
Gorette has to represent herself when she loses her plot of land. Will she find justice in a corrupt system?
Gorette Mawazu‘s land has been stolen from her. As the brave Gorette is too poor to hire a lawyer, she has been representing herself in court for the last fifteen years. At the same time, Bahati Lukwebo, a Parliamentary administrator responsible for the finances of the National Congolese Assembly, is trying to maintain his coveted position. But how do you defend your rights or get elected in a country where civil servants are not paid their salaries and the electorate is too poor to make free choices?

Kafka in Congo puts the lens on personal quests and struggles against a system that the Congolese often laugh at, for fear of having to cry. The film takes us on a journey through the meanders of justice and behind the scenes of political life.