Sembène Ousmane’s last film is an award-winning tribute to non-conformism, women and a stance against female genital mutilation.
Renowned filmmaker and author Sembène Ousmane’s last film is an award-winning and celebrated tribute to strong women and a call to abolish the tradition of female genital mutilation. Collé Ardo refuses to let her daughter be circumcised. 

When four other girls take refuge in her house to escape the cruel tradition, the brave woman declares her home a place of sanctuary (Moolaadé). The other villagers react violently – some are furious and others agree that it is time to put an end to female circumcision.

The clash between modernity and tradition as well as the struggles of strong non-conformist women are recurring themes in the films of the multi-award winning filmmaker who has been dubbed “the father of African cinema” and who passed away in 2007.