By :
With :
Viviane TOURE, Donald FOFANA, Clémentine TIKIDA
Ivory Coast, 1977
76 min
A middle-class couple is going through a major crisis: professional life, jealousy, adultery. Subtle social critic and superb female lead, prized at the Carthago Festival.
She’s a doctor, he’s a company exec. Too many work hours and arguments lead the man into the arms of a mistress, “his second office” in Abidjan’s colorful language. She decides to separate and to live her own life…

In his second feature film, Duparc stays true to his trademark; the denunciation of human weaknesses through humor. A sweet and sour critic of African societies and the difficulty they face reconciling traditional family patterns and modern life. As usual, Duparc puts women at the center of his movies: Viviane Toure will be named best actress at the Carthage Film Festival in 1978 for her interpretation. The remarkable soundtrack by Manu Dibango follows rhythmically the turn from suffocation to freedom of the lead character.

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