Half-God has five wives. He decides to add a sixth one: one for each day of the week, while Sundays are strictly reserved for the best wife of the week.
Alcacy aka “Half-God” is a rich pineapple farmer living in an Ivoirian village who’s already married to five women when he meets Binta, a rebellious former city student sent back to the village by her aunt because of her arrogant attitude. Obsessed with her beauty & her youth, Alcacy dreams of making her his: “I am Half-God and I will marry you” he tells her one day. He calls a family meeting to inform his five wives of his decision to marry the young girl. Despite the many gifts he showered Binta & her family, she refuses to marry him. After much heated talk with her family, she finally agrees to become his wife provided that she will be free to do as she pleases. This turns the Akaci’s residence in a living hell .

This movie became internationally a big success in the eighties turning its director Duparc, into a comedy master. The movie collected several awards at various festivals (particularly the Chamrousse festival which was the main comedy festival at the time). Bal Poussiere is the first African movie to become a global success that gave birth to huge African stars such as: Hanny Tchelley (Binta) who was later on featured in the movie “Hyenas” by Djibril Diop Mambety, Naky Sy Savane (the co-spouse) that we get to watch in the movie Moolade directed by Sembene Ousmane, and last but not least Bakary Bamba (Half-God) the favourite actor of the director.

Fans of cult-TV show “MA FAMILLE” should recognize the great Delta Akissi in her first big role on the big screen. The casting was perfect with great anthology lines, great social topics that were tackled for the very first time in African cinema: (sexuality, nudity, alcoholism, and adultery). All these factors turned the movie BAL POUSSIERE in a masterpiece which we’ll never grow tired of watching.

For more information about Henri Duparc : http://www.henriduparc.com/