Jean, son of a rich industrialist, neglects everything in his life to spend his entire time on street princess between his love for music and Josie, a prostitute….. Cult movie!
Son of a rich middle man in Abidjan, Jean refuses to follow the footsteps of his father rather he decides to live for his passion of music. He leaves the familial company to enlist in a local music band as a kora musician. This decision will anger his father. On Rue Princess, the night prostitution center of Abidjan, he meets Josie and falls in love with her. Josie is a seasoned businesswoman that treats her body like an enterprise; she protects herself from HIV through the use of condoms. Despite her upscale clientele she also falls for Jean who convinces her that she could become a singer in his band. They become a solid couple that shares passionate conversations on various topics.

This movie became an international success and stayed at the top of the African box offices for three consecutive months. It was such a success that the street on which the movie was directed was re-baptized Rue Princess. This is one of the two most popular Duparc movies, with great actresses like Felicite Wouassi (Josie), who will go on to work with some of the greatest European movie producers, and Delta Akissi, the current producer of the famous Ivoirian TV show “ Ma famille”.

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