«Doctor », an African immigrant takes a second wife that he passes of as his daughter in order to get a visa. A comedy signed by Duparc….a true nugget!
 « Doctor » as his pals call him at the migrants center of Montreuil-sous-Bois (also called Montreuil-Bamako, in reason of its high rate of African immigrants) is already married… During a trip to Ivory Coast, he takes as a second spouse the young Kada and decides to bring her to France. The first visa request for the young woman is dismissed until with the use of illegal papers he passes her of as his daughter that grants a temporary stay in France. Everything is going well until Kada gets pregnant; suspicion arises around the family of “Doctor”.

At the top of his game, Henri Duparc tackles a serious subject with humor as he’s done in the past in his successful movies Bal Poussière and Rue princesse. Duparc seduces both mass audiences and festival jurors, receiving awards at the Los Angeles & Montreal Festivals. Far from the dramatic movies on the lives of African immigrants, Couleur café deals mainly with men/women relationships and intimacy. Duparc is not afraid to shock and tackles taboo topics through humor. Throw yourself in a real comedy with memorable lines !

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