Fred meets a young woman, Caramel, a singer working at the Red Cross. It is love at first sight…but suddenly one day she disappears.

During the screening of an exotic film « Mangala fille des indes”, Fred, 32,  a movie theater owner, meets Caramel, a mysterious young woman of 25. The two young people get along great and thus starts a wonderful relationship…However one day Caramel disappears without a word. Helpless, Fred goes out looking for her everywhere. But who is this young woman? Where does she come from? Where will this lead Fred? Is she from our world? One night while looking frantically for her, he finds Caramel staring at movie posters in front of his movie theater. He doesn’t know that at that precise moment his life is about to change forever.

Caramel is considered the artistic testament of Henri Duparc, a title that witfully brings together comedy and fantasy, while paying homage to the legend of Mami Wate, the African mermaid. Premiered at the Fespaco Festival 2007 (after his death), it moved the audience and fellow African film directors by its humor, tenderness, and its evocation of the African cinema and the Ivoirian society… that weren’t at their best in 2006.

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