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Rwanda, 2006
52 min
Jim, Tom & Billy are children soldiers of 12 years old, living on their own in a post war Rwanda. United as brothers will they be able to make it?
Jim was 10 years old when at the beginning of the nineties he was enlisted along the side of other children in armed rebellion during the Rwandese civil war. After the demobilization that took place without rehab programmes, these children soldiers named “Kadogo” are abandoned by these war lords. Not knowing where to go, Jim, Tom & Billy hang out together. They decide to go to the city and stick together no matter what.

For these teens for whom “kalashnikov replaced pen” their hope to pursue their childhood dreams turn into criminal activities such as drug abuse, thief, etc...  At the end of this road of misery they either find death or redemption. Produced by Henri Duparc far from his comfort comedy zone, this is the first movie dealing with the subject of children soldiers.

Joseph Muganga, former “Kadogo” himself places rehabilitation at the heart of this movie: a message of hope and peace that needs to be seen and heard. Two prizes at the largest African film festival, the Fespaco (Ouagadougou).