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Kenya, 2010
115 min
How to live with HIV in a modern city? The movie attacks heads on social discriminations. 8 times-nominee at the Kenyan Oscars Awards, the Kalashas.
The story takes place in the middle –upper class of Nairobi, the vibrant capital of Kenya. Four young individuals find out that they are HIV positive…. Baraka loses his job as a computer specialist the day his employer hears about his health status. He turns to alcohol. Taabu returns back from the USA to Kenya and hides he’s HIV-positive by fear of losing his love to the woman he’s involved with. When Neema finds out that she’s been infected by her deceased husband she’s rejected by all and is left alone to raise her two young boys. Riziki is a beautiful woman whose sole purpose in life is to collect and date rich and beautiful men. She finds out that she’s HIV positive but doesn’t know the source of her infection because she’s had so many partners.

Marginalized by society all four characters face discrimination and find hope, love and solidarity in the face of this disease. Their fates will cross in an unbelievable outcome.