By :
Sidbewênde Bernard YAMEOGO
Burkina faso, 2010
28 min
Too smart for his own good says to mother, but all Ingui wants is to realize his dream. For children and others who know how to dream.
When Ingui one day asks his mother for two pieces of gold she knows that her son, who has no qualms when it comes to realizing his dream of becoming a king, is up to no good. And she is right; her son manages to get his hands on some of the royal wealth and as a consequence the unhappy king – who was led to believe that his horse’s dropping was gold - orders his arrest. Ingui, however, does not let an incarceration get in his way in this humorous traditional tale.

The director Bernard Yameogo, who is also a playwright and a producer of animated films for cinema, TV and new media, is passionate about the protection of children and education.