By :
Sidbewênde Bernard YAMEOGO
Burkina faso, 2010
26 min
Who needs enemies with friends like Samba - a devious man who thinks nothing of misleading a friend but will learn that deception has a price.
When Samba and his friend, a poor peasant, find a jar with a glimmering content Samba, who is unwilling to share the richess with his unsuspecting friend convinces him that the jar’s content is worthless. Upon Samba’s return to the village where both his children and his friend live, the slick, and now rich town-dweller, is up for the surprise of his life (and not in the good sense of the word).

The director Bernard Yameogo, who is also a playwright and a producer of animated films for cinema, TV and new media, is passionate about the protection of children and education.