By :
Amadou THIOR
Senegal, 2002
26 min
Motherless and destitute Mayelle refuses to abandon her best friend in the world - even if he is just a goat. The power of a child who has made up her mind shouldn’t be underestimated.
Little Mayelle lives with her father and brother in an isolated place far away. The young girl’s father used to be a wealthy and boisterous man. After losing first his wife, he lost his eyesight, and now his fortune has vanished as well. When a group of musicians visits the small family he decides to slaughter a goat in their honour. The problem is that the goat happens to be Mayelle’s only friend.

Mayelle is the story about a girl who has lost so many close to her and so much of the things many children take for granted that she simply refuses to lose anyone she loves again.