By :
Sidbewênde Bernard YAMEOGO, Raymond TIENDRÉ
Burkina faso, 2004
90 min
As Lili’s holiday dream turns into a nightmare she ends up meeting a friend and discovering a whole new world.
Little Lili loves the outdoors and is excited about leaving town for holiday camp together with her friends.  When a newfound “friend” tosses her teddy bear out the window,,Lili decides to leave the bus in search her cuddly toy. Things do not look good when Lili get lost, but to her great luck Madou, a young herdboy, finds her. The children’s shared walk back to the camp becomes the beginning of a friendship and an adventure full of surprises.

The director Bernard Yameogo, who is also a playwright and a producer of animated films for cinema, TV and new media, is passionate about the protection of children and education.