By :
Sidbewênde Bernard YAMEOGO, Raymond TIENDRÉ
Burkina faso, 2004
60 min
Madou, the herdboy experiences an adventure and a half trying to find his father in the big city and reunites with a dear friend.
When the herdboy Madou comes to Burkina Faso’s biggest town Ouagadougou to look for his father, he is run over by a car. The accident turns out to be a blessing when he finds his father who has been admitted to the same hospital. Madou is preparing to bring his old man back home when Madou’s friend Lili spots them from afar. Unfortunately her friend and his father disappear out of sight before she reaches them, and fortunately for the two children, Madou has a knack for bumping into friends and loved ones.

The director Bernard Yameogo, who is also a playwright and a producer of animated films for cinema, TV and new media, is passionate about the protection of children and education.