By :
Joseph Ubaka UGOCHUKWU
Nigeria, 2010
80 min
Will Johnnie escape from the tight hold of ghetto monster Ilajoko ? Gangsta movie direct from Lagos street.
Ijaloko an ex-convict and a ghetto monster, abducts five kids from his neighborhood, - he brainwashes them in view of “giving them a good life”. But in reality, he introduces them into using of hard-drugs thereby destroying their human conscience and making them menace to the society, in order for him to achieve his selfish desires. Five of these kids die one after the other. Johnnie is the only one to survive:  through Lily, whom he is dating, he makes up his mind to quit gangsterism and return to school. Will Ijaloko let him break  the vow that they’ve taken « until death does them part» ?

Initiator of a « Nigerian new wave » of filmmakers, Ubaka shoots with little resource and non-professinal actors : his purpose is to break the standards of the « Nollywood » genre and tell stories from the urban reality of today, that might appeal to a worldwide audience. Give it a try and support the Nigerian « Nouvelle Vague »!