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Mauritius, 2004
39 min
An animated story that talks to children without being patronizing while appealing to their parents too.
Since the day his father Maurice, a fisherman and the village chief disappeared at sea, Momo lives with his mother and younger sister. Together with his special friends Zoéline, Bouboule and Tipol, he inhabits a dream world where anything can happen and where Momo is often required to do the right thing. When he little sister falls ill, Momo has to go fetch a remedy, and on his way he has to pass Maléfique, the island where the witch doctor Mofta lives. Another time it is a dolphin that needs to be reunited with his family.

With Momo, a story for children and their parents, the director Annick Rivaud from Mauritius is realizing her life long dream of becoming a director of animated film.