By :
With :
Keren TAHOR, Charles TERTIENS, Mélodie ABAD, David ISAACS
South Africa, 2010
74 min
Anna, a French emigré, is caught working illegally in a Cape Town restaurant. She has 48 hours to find a husband to avoid having to leave the country...
Anna Ronquillo (29), a French-Moroccan émigré working illegally in a trendy Cape Town restaurant, is busted by Home Affairs in the middle of a shift. They tell her she has 48 hours in which to gather her possessions and return to France. In an ironic twist of colonial fate, this child of the First World is now not allowed to stay in the Third World.

For Anna this is a living nightmare. Having fled a terrible domestic situation she has nothing to go back to in France. Desperate, she has one option: she must get married. Trouble is she is somewhat of a loner, so knows no-one prepared to tie the knot even in the case of a 'visa marriage'. With her bags half-packed, she makes a drastic decision.

She makes a personal announcement on a local radio station to Cape Town's bachelors: anyone interested in marrying her should meet at the restaurant the following day. There they will have five minutes in which to charm her, and at the end of the day she will make her decision.

A charming, intimate comedy, with an ironical twist, a feel of Cape Town multicultural and hip lifestyle, and a genuine indie taste somewhat similar to fresh arty comedies shot among friends in Manhattan, Paris or Buenos Aires… Very enjoyable one !