By :
Dyana GAYE
With :
Umban Gomez De KSET, Gaspard MANESSE, Naïma GAYE
Senegal, 2010
48 min
En route to Saint Louis from Dakar in the company of one taxidriver, seven passengers, and nineteen musicians.
Without a sense of humour and all the time in the world to spare, there is no way that anyone will survive the taxi trip between Dakar and Saint Louis. The adventure of the protagonists of Saint Louis Blues starts right from the beginning at the taxi rank in Dakar where the seven-seater taxi driver refuses to leave before the taxi is full. The seventh passenger, a music student from France joins a diverse group consisting of a hair salon owner on her way to visit her children, a young man who is traveling to see his fiancée, one passenger who is going home to bury a dead father, and two French students on vacation.

The journey is a geographical and sociocultural discovery of Senegal accompanied by dance, song and music played by a big band of nineteen musicians. Prized at the Panafrican Film Festival in Ouagadugu (Fespaco), and many others.