By :
Abdoulaye DAO
With :
Bamba BAKARY, Georgette PARÉ
Burkina faso, 2009
101 min
Mina who discovers one of the perks of being the sole breadwinner takes a second husband to get back at her cheating first one.
One day Mina, a successful business leader, discovers that her unemployed husband has been cheating on her while she has been busy providing for the family. Furious, but not irrational, she takes her time before striking back and doing what not many women have done before her. In a world where many woman has been forced to live with the pain of having to see their husband marrying another or several women while remaining married to them, the film A Woman Like No Other is the ultimate empowerment trip.

This awardwinning feature stars several famous Burkinabe actors and actresses, and takes a humorous, yet serious, look at an institution that many regard as oppressive and unfair.