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Cameroon, 2011
105 min
This Cameroonian filmic portrayal of love is a romantic potpourri of meetings, separations and lovers getting back together.
In the film “In It Together”, which is for all ages, the plight of the woman is brought to the limelight. The main character’s traumatic experience during a date with the one she is hoping to be the love of her life brings back sad memories of her wife-battering and irresponsible father who abandoned them to their mother when they were still young. 
The film portrays women as taking control of their lives through associations in which they stand for each other and share their experiences on rape, single parenthood, harassment by in-laws, wife-battering husbands, etc. It is true that men are to blame for the social ills against women, but women too have been seen to render life unbearable to their fellow women. All is not gloomy as there are exemplary couples (a case in the film) who are in true and caring relationships. The film ends with the conclusion that both men and women are “In It Together” in the quest of making the world a better place.