By :
Gugu E. Michaels
With :
Leo U'CHE, Gugu E. Michaels
Nigeria, 2010
129 min
Nollywood action epic in the jungle. Featuring Martial Arts World Champion Leo U’ Che in the role of Unge, a young warrior who has to live up to his father Ukah’s great legacy.
The great Barbegaun warrior Ukah is about to retire. His son, who is supposed to carry on Ukah’s legacy, is a small and rather weak young man, and therefore the laughing stock of the village. But Unge, played by five-times Martial Arts World Champion Leo U’ Che is about to surprise both his father and his mockers.
With several feature film titles to his name, among them “Thugz”, “Repentance” and “Dangerous Country” GuGu E. Michaels is an action producer and director who aims to make Nigerian films that can compete on an international arena.  This previous record company president is also the co-founder of the production company New Era Pictures.