France returns to Cameroon, where she grew up. She is confronted with memories of her childhood, as a daughter of a colonial officer. Premiered at Cannes Film Festival.
​On her way back to Cameroon, the memories of her childhood come back to Frances. Her father was a French representative with responsibility for the colonial presence, and her mother a woman who had difficulties adapting to life far away from home. As a child France develops an affectionate relationship with the beautiful and intelligent Protée, the family’s “boy”. 

In 1950 slang, “Chocolate” means “cheated”, a perfect description of the lot of Cameroonians in their own country at the time. The story is inspired by award-winning filmmaker Claire Denis’ own childhood in Cameroon. It portrays a child’s journey to adulthood and two countries’ facing a new era as the end of colonialism is approaching.