By :
With :
Rachida BRAKNI
Algeria, 2006
94 min
Enough! Amel, a young ambitious doctor and Khadidja, a no-nonsense nurse twice her age, embark on a search for Amel’s husband who has been abducted by fundamentalists.
When her journalist husband Mourad fails to come home from work after having written a critical article about fundamentalism, Amel, a young doctor fears that the worst has either happened or is about to. Together with Khadidja, a former freedom fighter and a hardened, but not heartless nurse, she embarks on a search for Mourad.

Djamila Sahraoui’s first feature film is an award-winning Algerian road movie celebrating determination in the face of adversity. The two women are confronted with the limitations of a patriarchal society and the constant threat of violence of a deeply traumatized one. But as long as there is some compassion and kindness, as shown by the old man who has lost everything but still has something to give, there is hope. 

Thirty years after independence the Algerian people in general and women in particular, still have not been allowed to fully enjoy their hard-earned freedom.