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Algeria, 2006
111 min
A slow-motion road-movie about a drive through a hopeless landscape undertaken by Kamel and Zima, a young couple who no longer dreams of a future in their native Algeria.

Zina and Kamel have made up their minds. The Algeria of the 1990s – ravaged by terrorism and repression - has made it impossible for the ambitious young couple to imagine a future at home. Before leaving for Italy, they take a long last look at their native Algeria – or at least the rough Alger Suburb Madrague with its nameless streets - while searching for Bosco, the man who will provide them with the documents they need to leave.
Tarek Teguia, who calls his feature film debut is a “slow-motion road-movie”, has achieved an award-winning co-production between Algeria, France and Germany that communicates to its audience the tediousness of lives that have come to a standstill. Co-financed by the Hubert Bals Fund, the film is a festival hit : premiered in Venice Mostra, then Rotterdam, Mexico City, San Francisco, Thessaloniki, Belfort, Fribourg etc.