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United States, 1999
116 min
When Ghost Dog, a laid-back, lonely hit man and a self-confessed samurai, becomes the target of a hit, he is forced to use the sacred samurai code to escape the threat
Ghost Dog, a hit man played by Forest Whitaker lives by the Hagakure - the samurai code - and schedules assassinations like he schedules appointments. In a strange twist of fate he has to use the same code to escape his own assassination, when the man to whom he owes his life turns against him.

Jim Jarmusch has made a magnificent thriller about Ghost Dog’s quiet life, which includes a couple of pigeons and even fewer friends: the book loving girl Pearline and the Haitian ice-cream vendor Raymond, who does not speak a word of English (and Ghost Dog not one word of French), played by Isaach de Bankole.