In his first film Malick Chibane follows Ali, Slimane, Staff, Nacéra and Samy: five teenagers in the suburb of Goussainville during five crucial days of their lives.
​Slimane and his friends are on the threshold of adulthood and the suburb they live in – Goussainville just 20 kilometres away from Paris – is beginning to feel too small for the five nineteen-year-olds who are eager to conquer the world.
Being a young Arab in France (or the Hexagon as the country is sometimes called owing to its form) means juggling the expectations of fellow Arabs, with those of the majority population, while figuring out who you are and what you want to do with your life. While the girls in the group have jobs, the boys are pursuing their dreams to get internships as a way to move forward in life.

After “Hexagone” Malick Chibane continued to explore a new way of being French in his celebrated films “Sweet France” and “My Neighbours” – all film part of his urban trilogy.