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Morocco, 1998
95 min
A festive event turns into a nightmare for a young couple celebrating the first steps of a happy life. Or was it never meant to be?
After years of studies in the United States, Taoufik, a young medical doctor from Casablanca returns to his native land for a conference and to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with his wife Sophia. 
The champagne that the hotel director treated them to turns out to be poisoned and as Taoufik is loosing consciousness, his wife is abducted and filmed as she is being raped, before being abandoned on a street in Tangier. Taoufik traces the venue where the rape took place and finds the recording. In order to get his hands on it he ends up killing a man who turns out to be a former national hero turned rapist. The events lead to a chase where the recording is Taoufik’s and Sophia’s only salvation.
“Mektoub” - talented Moroccan filmmaker Nabil Ayouch’s first feature film - was the Moroccan submission to the Academy Awards in 1998 and won the awards for Best Arab Film and Best First Film at Cairo International Film Festival. The film attracted 350,000 cinemagoers when released in Morocco and has screened at festival across the world.