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Morocco, 2000
100 min
Ali and his street children friends cannot trust anyone but themselves. A story of kid dream and friendship, one of the greatest African films. Won Fespaco 2001.
Ali, Kwita, Omar and Baubker have found a home at the harbour of Casablanca after having left the gang-leader Dib and his cohorts. All they have for comfort and security is each other and the glue that they sniff as if their lives depended on it – and it probably does.
When Ali dies in a fight with Dib and his gang, his friends decides to realise Ali’s lifelong dream of becoming a seafarer and discover the world and a mysterious island with two suns. As they join forces to pay tribute to their friend, Ali’s dream slowly becomes theirs.
“Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets” is prolific director Nabil Ayouch’s second feature film. Like his first feature it was submitted as Moroccos contribution to the Academy Awards in 2000, and attracted half a million cinemagoers in the director’s native Morrocco (around 200,000 more than his hugely successful first film). Among the 44 awards won by the film is the Golden Stallion of Fespaco in 2001.