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Morocco, 2002
96 min
Pushing the limits of a conservative society in an evocative thriller about a detective who goes well beyond the line of duty. Scandal & Islamist threatening when released.
​Kamel Roui is a young detective assigned to solve the murder of drug lord Hakim Tahiri, murdered at his Tangier home. The prime suspect is Touria, the murdered man’s employee and mistress, who lives at the victim’s house together with her brother. While Touria is incarcerated the young detective takes care of her sickly brother, with whom he develops a close relationship. 
Subsequently Kamel also develops an equally close relationship with his prime suspect, and a complicated situation arises in which she helps him solve his case, but also one where the lines between police, witness and suspect are severely blurred.
This rather daring film made for TV in 2003, led to the celebrated Morroccan director Nabil Ayouch being threatened by Islamists.