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Morocco, 2007
115 min
Postal worker and aspiring dancer Lola is chasing her dream and hangs out with her gay Egyptian friend, who tells her about Ismahan and like Lola struggles to find peace.
Lola is a postal worker and wannabe dancer and her best friend a young gay man of Egyptian origin, who tells her about the legendary Egyptian star dancer Ismahan. Through Youssef Lola meets Zack, another Egyptian. They quickly become close, and at one point too close for Zack, who one day, decides to return to his native Egypt. Equipped with a large dose of determination and naivety, Lola packs her bags and follows suit.
Well in Egypt Lola discovers that Zack is not interested in continuing their relationship, but instead of returning home, she decides to find Ismahan.
Award-winning and prolific Nabil Ayouch’s third feature film opened at Fespaco in 2007.