By :
Brahim Chkiri
Morocco, 2005
79 min
The biggest threat to Rachid’s and Kenza’s happiness is their own parents, who are too prejudiced to imagine youthful love.
Brahim Chkiri’s romantic comedy features Rachid and Kenza, a young couple passionately in love with one another. Everything is perfect until the day they inform their parents that they want to get married. Suddenly the fact that Rachid and Kenza come from different ethnic groups becomes a problem for both their families, who are blinded by prejudice. Theirs become a struggle between respect for their families and their love for each other.

Brahim Chikri started his filmmaking career after completing a PhD in sociology and the producer Nabil Ayouch – a veritable film industry unto himself - is the man behind a number of hugely successful Moroccan films, among them the multi-award winning Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets.